Pink Elephant TEA is an organic tea from Ceylon, created by a Ukrainian woman from natural ingredients. This is a classic of Ceylon tea with a modern interpretation. Created in Sri Lanka during the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine, by the hands of a Ukrainian woman.

"Pink baby elephant" about the fact that even in the most difficult circumstances you should not give up, give up, but continue to believe in your dream and create with love 🩶

Pink Elephant TEA is 100% organic! The highest quality tea (top leaves of the bush) is imported directly from the family tea factory, the quality is confirmed by certificates and laboratory tests

Blends that are in Pink Elephant tea - spices, flowers, fruits - are grown organically also in Sri Lanka. No flavorings, perfumes, dyes and taste deception! Only quality and organic! A natural and natural way of enjoying and returning to nature, traditions, finding yourself and believing in your wildest childhood dreams.